Onterra, LLC was created 2005 by Tim Hoyman, a familiar face in Wisconsin lake management, to offer objective lake management planning services at a reasonable cost. The firm provides a variety of lake-related services ranging from science-based diagnostic/feasibility studies to comprehensive lake management plans consisting of aquatic plant inventories, stakeholder education, watershed and water quality analysis, and implementation plan development.

Every planning project led by Onterra is created upon a foundation of science and objectivity. That foundation is built upon with stakeholder participation. As a result of this combination, an implementable management plan can be created that meets the needs of the lake users and the lake.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide our clients with the information and guidance necessary to collaboratively produce a lake management plan that is both realistic and environmentally sound. Each plan is created to meet the needs of the lake group, foster continued stakeholder education, and promote responsible lake stewardship.

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The Onterra Planning Process